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    Our Nuage Sofa combines a contemporary yet timeless design with organic, curved shapes, making it a versatile and inviting addition to any living space. Its simplicity ensures it complements various decorating styles, making it a popular choice for those looking to create a harmonious and adaptable interior.

    The design is inspired by natural, flowing forms which create a more relaxed and inviting atmosphere while its curved shapes add a sense of elegance and comfort.  It looks contemporary and up-to-date, while also possessing timeless qualities that won’t go out of style. This blend of modernity and timelessness makes it a great investment in your home decor.

    Available as a two, three, and four-seater with the following dimensions*:

    • Two-seater L 230cm / W 100cm / H74cm (L 90.5 inches / W 39.3 inches / H 29.1 inches)
    • Tree-seater L 315cm / W 100cm / H74cm (L 124.0 inches / W 39.3 inches / H 29.1 inches)
    • Four-seater L 400cm / W 100cm / H74cm (L 157.4 inches / W 39.3 inches / H 29.1 inches)


    The seating part is 44 cm high.

    *The measurements are approximate due to the curved shape of the sofa.

    Material is by your choice. To choose the material please go to the the Nuage Sofa section on the Materials page.

    The seating cushion is filled with the best and the softest HR foam.

    Our production time is 45-60 working days.

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